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our practitioners

Jill Meltzer, L.Ac., L.OM

acupuncturist & clinical herbalist

founder of ezun acupuncture

Jill studied acupuncture and herbal medicine at Tmurot College of Complementary Medicine and has experience working in clinics both in the United States and Israel. Her certification process included an internship at Bnei Tzion Hospital in Haifa.

Jill specializes in sports injuries, gynecological issues, pregnancy, digestive conditions, sleep, and mental health. She practices Trigger Point Acupuncture (dry-needling), Nan Jing Advanced Diagnosis (Traditional Japanese Acupuncture/Kampo), and Acupuncture for Pregnancy. 

In her treatments, Jill blends Traditional Chinese Medicine with an integrative Western approach in order to best serve her patients. Her goal is to make acupuncture more approachable and personalized to individuals seeking highly curated treatments for healthy living.


Katie Molloy, L.Ac., L.OM

acupuncturist & clinical herbalist

Katie studied traditional Chinese medicine at RMIT in Melbourne, and completed a clinical internship at Nanjing Jiangsu Chinese Medicine hospital in China in 2011.  She established a busy practice in Melbourne before moving to Israel in 2016.

Katie specializes in women's health, pregnancy, IVF support, skin conditions and treating children. She practices Five Element Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Pediatrics, Cosmetic Acupuncture, and Dr. Tan's Balance Method. 

Katie nurtures physical and emotional awareness; working with patients to make lifestyle and dietary adjustments to complement acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment. 


Contact 058-516-3006

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