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holistic massage


Single Session
450 NIS
(90 minutes)

New to holistic massage?
Consider this your best 90-minute combined holistic massage. This treatment uses an integrative, trigger points, nutrition, yogic breath work and naturopathy as needed.


420 NIS Per Session
(7% Discount)

Seeking long term maintenance and relief? Together we'll build a treatment strategy to help you feel your best.

meet our holistic massage therapist

Micha Stettin

Micha specializes in deep tissue, sports, Tui Na, Swedish, holistic and trigger point massage therapy. Utilizing these techniques and seven years of experience as a massage therapist, he helps guide every client towards health.

Micha studied massage therapy at the Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts in Seattle, Washington. He is also an avid student of the martial arts (certified as a BJJ and Systema instructor) and a fitness trainer.

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