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Moving Qi to Support Wellbeing

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

What's up with this thing called qi? What is it even? There are many different kinds of qi which we will briefly explore in this blog post.

Qi, otherwise known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as "vital energy" or "life force energy", is in everything that surrounds us. Similar to the Hindu concept of prana or the Jewish idea of nefesh, qi takes several animate and inanimate forms, linking together our perceived realities. From a Western scientific approach, one could suggest that qi is light energy condensed into different forms of matter (E = mc² anyone?)

Qi Condensed Into Yin and Yang

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), qi runs through the meridians and spreads across the body in order to support various physical systematic functions. Various organ systems are nourished by qi in order to promote and improve bodily actions. For example, this may include digestion, respiration and breath, bone strength, liver functions, immunity and more.

Healthy qi involves smooth circulation of energy across all twelve major organ systems (Western lingo) as well as all twelve primary meridians (TCM lingo). By supporting the movement of this energy, one can prevent physical, emotional and spiritual "stuckness". This condition is coined in TCM as "qi stagnation".

Think of a river and a dam. A strong and sturdy dam will regulate and streamline the flow of water to serve a great deal of functions. It will also undergo maintenance and be attended to over time. Alternatively, a weakened dam eventually breaks down and decays. It may even burst! Perhaps it isn't taken care of properly? Perhaps it has been neglected?

Our bodies work similarly in holding up it's systems. In order to keep systems in check over an extended period of time, one needs to support qi movement. Exercise, acupuncture, meditation, herbal medicine and massage are excellent ways to move qi calmly and effectively!

Why is Acupuncture Great for Moving Qi?

Alongside questionnaire and analysis, together we can pinpoint which specific systems or areas in your life require more maintenance and improved flow of qi. With this knowledge in hand, your acupuncture treatment at ezun is tailored specifically to your needs.

Curious to explore more? Book your appointment here for your own personalized consultation and treatment.

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